Living in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It really is as beautiful as it looks.

We first visited this small Balkan country back in 2018 and it stole our hearts – beautiful nature, buzzing cities, great food and lovely people, this place has it all.

Wherever we go, Al and I enjoy getting to the heart of a place – trying to understand the country, its people and their history. We knew of the Yugoslavia conflict but it wasn't until we educated ourselves during this first trip that we fully understood the full scale and devastation of the 90's conflict. From the falling of this iconic bridge to the 3-year siege of Sarajevo, this very recent history has left its mark.

From our experiences and conversations, one of the more positive legacies of the conflict was hope – for a peaceful and prosperous future. As our 80-year old landlord told us, “regardless of ethnicity, god or creed, a good person, is a good person”.

When we met Dana, one of our recent guests on A Sideways Life Podcast, we were intrigued to hear about her experiences growing up in BiH during the conflict. We felt very privileged to hear her insights, experiences and reflections on her native country as well as the challenges she faced on moving with her family to the USA. We also spoke with her partner Kris about their work and life today, with travel highlights including Argentina, Chile and the good ol' USA. 👉 swipe for more.

If you want to hear more about Dana and Kris' sideways life, listen here on IGTV, on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other popular platforms.

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