The honest guide
to living and working abroad.

Work differently, travel frequently, live happily.
Meet the founders of A Sideways Life

Leanne Elliott

“After graduating and getting my dream job, I felt that something was wrong.

This wasn’t the life I’d expected. I asked myself, ‘Is this really what the next 40 years look like?’

Fast forward 18 months, and we’d sold everything and moved to Malaga, Spain.

Al Elliott

“I was a business-owner and a freelancer marketer – I looked forward to a 9am start – it was 5pm that was the problem.

I longed for adventure and excitement after work.

13 years later, Leanne & I have visited 43 countries and stayed in over 180 different houses.

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What is
A Sideways Life..?

A Sideways Life was born from our experiences living and working abroad.  We believe that there are three key elements to A Sideways Life.

  1. Work differently – Work is re-imagined. From corporate jobs abroad and business ownership, to freelance and remote work, you’ve changed what work means for you.
  2. Travel frequently – Travel is a fundamental part of your life. It’s no longer just a holiday and it’s so much more than a passion. 
  3. Live happily –  Happiness is a work in progress. You recognise that this life has sacrifices, struggles, ups and downs like any other. It’s critical to nurture psychological, social, financial and physical well-being.

Our podcast offers an honest guide to living and working abroad by exploring the stories of others that have gone and done it.

We don’t preach. We don’t sugar coat. We’re not here to sell you the dream.

We’re here to give you an honest and respectful assessment of what it means to live A Sideways Life.

If you think we’re lucky, you’re wrong…

If there’s one thing you should never say to someone who is living A Sideways Life it’s, “Oh your sooo lucky!”.

Fuck luck.

Living abroad, travelling the world, building a business or successfully maintaining a remote job has nothing to do with luck. It’s down to a lot of hard work, a willingness to make sacrifices and the bravely to take risks.

Everyone we have spoken to agrees – luck is your own to make. 

Wait, but you are privileged…

Yes, you’re right. Privilege plays a big part in this.

For example, privilege is about where you were born, the support network you have around you, the educational opportunities you were given and the communities you belong to.

These all impact how easy it is to carve out your own path in life.

We know we’re privileged. We’ve also worked personally and professionally to help others gain power and control from the darkest of starting points.

We’re not saying it’s easy, but it is possible.

We believe strong role models are key from turning outliers into the status quo. A Sideways Life Podcast is here to try and provide a plethora of role models to inspire and empower others to live life on their own terms.

For us, it’s all about starting the conversation.