About Al & Leanne

Part 1: Manchester to Gibraltar to Spain

Leanne and Al met in Manchester, UK, back in 2006 while volunteering for the Samaritans. Building a strong friendship over a shared belief in self-determination (that each person has the ability to make choices and manage their own life), their relationship grew and in 2012, they married in Gibraltar. 

Determined to live the life they dreamed of, in 2013, they moved to Spain and started to explore an expat life. Then, in 2016, the Brexit vote went against them (#remain). After crying into a couple of jugs of sangria, they decided to take control of their little world and in September 2017, hit the road as full time digital nomads.

Leanne & Al being cheesy bastards in Istria, Croatia
Peanut, the rescue dog being regal AF in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Part 2: 44 countries & 159 stops

A six month experiment turned into a four year (and counting!) lifestyle, with 44 countries visited and 159 stops made to date.

Having now been to almost every country in Europe, they are currently living in Croatia for a year, having become two of the first five Brits (ever!) to secure the newly introduced digital nomad visa.

They share their home with the world’s most travelled rescue dog, Peanut the Podenco.

(Podenco is a Spanish hound breed)

Work life:

Al continues to work in his UK property business and digital marketing agency, while Leanne manages her own consultancy as a business psychologist.

Peanut, meanwhile, is hoping to build a career as an influencer on the social media platform known to the kids as, ‘the tic-tok’.  

Follow him @peathepod.

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