ep13: Slovenia again (part of the Balkans series)

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Welcome to Slovenia!

Our first stop on our tour of the Balkans takes us to Slovenia, a small central European country bordered by Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia and the Adriatic Sea. 

This place may be the third smallest country in the EU at only 7,800 square miles and a population of a little over 2 million, but it’s got enough diversity to keep you coming back for more!

Join us, as we travel to Lake Bled, Maribor and Ljubljana, with highlights including:

  • Where is Slovenia?
  • A brief history
  • Lake Bled – Castles, fairytales and 99 steps
  • Ljubljana – Architecture, parks and beer (obvs)
  • Maribor – San Martin, our bestie Igor, and why we come back here every year
  • Food & Wine. And lots of it!

BONUS: Do you know which of these cities is home to the world’s oldest grapevine?

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