Ep26: A Nomadic Michelin Star chef cooks us lunch

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Spending a Sunday with a chef of Michelin star calibre was an absolute treat!

The star of this episode is Fanni, who worked with Tommy Banks in Roots, York and now travels the world, working as a private chef for families who love great food. 

Not only does Leanne talk about food (and watch Fanni make us an amazing lunch), but we talk about what it’s like to work as a private chef abroad, and what life is like cooking in a van…

“A van..?”, you ask.

Yep, Fanni is previous guest Andrew Bosomworth’s partner (episode 23: How to drive around Europe in a campervan).

How did they end up at our house? We first interviewed Andrew remotely when he was in Hungary, and then they turned up in Pula, Croatia a few weeks later.

We immediately made up the spare bedroom, stocked up on beers, and sent an invite. We all got on so well, and Fanni was such a great chef, that Leanne had to record an episode.

So if you want to be a guest (and possibly end up drinking Gin & Tonic with us!), then drop us a DM on Instagram.

Nearly forgot… if you want the recipe card, click here

How to find Fanni:

Instagram: @jas.on.the.explore

TikTok: @jas.on.the.explore

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