Ep28: How much does it REALLY cost to live abroad? We get really honest…

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We’re gonna be really honest on this episode and explain exactly what it costs to live abroad.

We talk about:

  • Cost of rent & bills
  • How to find cheaper long-term accommodation
  • The cost of driving a UK car abroad
  • What we do about healthcare

Let’s get cracking!

Resources mentioned:

  • Safetywing.com for emergency medical insurance
  • Cigna for premium healthcare and outpatient care
  • Njuskalo is where we found our current house (far cheaper than the sites aimed at ex-pats)
  • Stuart Collins insurance for long term stay in Europe (or try Saga if you’re over 50)
  • Credit cards that we use with no currency fee: Halifax Clarity & Santander Zero
  • We use Starling Bank for our day to day banking (We use the debit card to get cash out at ATMs abroad)
  • We use wise.com (formerly TransferWise) to send money from UK accounts to other European accounts (like paying landlords etc)
  • Numbeo.com for cost of living in other countries
  • NomadList.com to decide where you want to live

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