How to get the Croatia Digital Nomad Visa – Everything you need to know, Part 1.


Here's part 1 of the guide to getting the Digital Nomad visa.

In 2021, Croatia became the latest country to introduce a temporary residency permit for people who work online, aka digital nomads.

As we've been through the process (successfully!) we thought we'd share what we know in case you're considering it. When we started, we had three questions:

1. How do we qualify?
2. How do we apply?
3. What happens next?

Here, we're answering question 1 (look out for our upcoming posts for 2 or 3).

How do you qualify? It's a fairly long list of requirements, Here goes…

You need to be:

– A third-country national working via communication technology
– A family member of the above
– Working for a company or self-employed
– Undertaking no work with any company/individual in Croatia
– Covered by private medical or travel health insurance
– Earning approx. £2000 (US$2700) each month, plus £80 (US$100) per additional family member, or
– Savings of the above monthly allowance x12
– Able to produce a criminal record check
– Able to provide an address in Croatia at time of application (this can be an Airbnb, hotel or hostel)
– A valid passport/ID card


If you qualify and want to spend up to 12 months in Croatia, then this could be a good option. I mean, she is sexy, look at Brač… 👆🏻

Anyways… other highlights include a tax FREE stay for any income you earn via communication technology BUT there is a grey area around other income, property rentals and crypto, for example. You may be taxed on this – clevererer people than us are trying to get to the bottom of this. @expatincroatia

Other potential downsides, as it stands, you can't renew the visa. You have to leave a six month gap (at least 3 outside of Croatia) to reapply. But, you're a digital nomad right? Time to nomad your way outta there.

So, now you know if you qualify. Next we'll be talking about how to apply. Stay tuned!

Or just Google it. Might be quicker.

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