How to get the Croatia Digital Nomad Visa – Part 2.


In our last post, we talked about how to qualify for the Croatia DN visa. Today, is all about how you apply.

First, you need to get all your paperwork together (and you thought the last list was long).

1. Copy of passport (may need to be notarised depending on citizenship)
2. Copy of marriage certificate, translated and notarised.
3. Proof you are a digital nomad. For us, this included employment contract, affidavit including occupation, services provided to who and where, highest level of education and reason for wanting to stay in Croatia. All translated and notarised.
4. Proof of funds – including 3 months of bank statements that show clients/companies mentioned in 3 and proof of savings.
5. Criminal background check – this needs to be validated by your home country. For us, they excepted the UK's online sharing portal.
6. Proof of health insurance showing full cover in Croatia.
7. Proof of address of intended stay in Croatia (e.g.reservation)

Once you have all this together, you upload the documents onto the Digital Nomads Croatia MUP website where you'll also find the application. For this, you'll need:

1. Full name now and at birth
2. Date and place of birth
3. Citizenship
4. Full names of mother/father
5. Details of former citizenships
6. Marital, education and military status
7. Home address
8. Address of intended stay
9. Email
10. Dates of intended stay (max 12 months)

Once submitted, your application goes to the local police station of the place you intend to stay. They will assess your application and may ask for additional information. Each municipality is different, and even though there was no requirement on the central website, we were asked for proof that we were registered with HMRC or Companies House in the UK.

Our advice is to be as prepared as possible – the quality of the documents could be the difference between a swift process or a long wait.

Follow along as we talk about what happens next in our next post.

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