How to get the Croatia Digital Nomad Visa – Part 3.


So, you've got all your paperwork together, you've made your application, what's next?

You wait. Our wait was only 3 weeks but others have varied from a 6 weeks to 6 months. Speaking with others applicants and doing some research, we think these are the reasons why our application went through so quickly.

1. We applied in Croatia – we think these applications are prioritised.
2. We applied in Istria (Pula) – a much less popular destination for digital nomads compared to Split or Zagreb, for example.
3. We partnered with a local expert who contacted our local police on a regular basis for updates.
4. Getting regular updates meant we knew immediately the additional information that was needed, and being local, we could respond quickly.
5. Our schedule was flexible, meaning we could make any appointment with the local police given to us.

As mentioned in the last post, you may be asked for more information. We were asked for:

1. A translated and notarised affidavit that we wouldn't work for a Croatian company/client.
2. A translated and notarised copy our of long-term tenancy agreement.
3. A new passport photo that complied with local size/dimensions.

Finally, we received a home visit from the police where we were interviewed on our work, past visits to Croatia, our reason for staying, and perhaps strangely, our relationships with our neighbours.

A few days later, we were told our application had been approved. A final visit to the police station to sign the papers and we were done. Our photo ID card will be ready for pick up in 30 days.

Our experience was far from smooth but it was fast and well managed. If you're thinking about applying and have questions, DM us on Instagram – we'd be happy to chat!

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