Kamenjak National Park, Premantura.


Kamenjak National Park, Premantura. As parks go, this is a pretty good one!

First off, it’s HUGE. We spent about three hours walking around this peninsular and I’m not sure we saw half of it.

Second, there are so many beautiful beaches and coves for a swim. The sea is as you’d imagine it is in Croatia, blue-green and crystal clear.

Third, this place is speckled with bars and restaurants. Granted, when we went, it was only Safari Bar which was open but I’m sure with the season starting and restrictions easing, they’ll all be open soon.

Other things you should know:

  • It’s been protected as a significant landscape since 1996.
  • There are almost 500 plant species
  • They have fossils of dinosaur feet. That’s cool.
  • The remains of the Austro-Hungarian military facility home the most significant maternity colony of bats in the south of Istria.
  • Safari bar at the tip of the peninsula has the best views, a huge playground and beer. That’s also cool.
  • People do swim naked so mind your blushes.
  • You only have to pay the 35 Kunas (£4) entrance fee to get in if you’re travelling in by car; if you cycle in or go on foot or by boat, it’s free!

We loved it. Peanut loved it. The naked swimmers loved it. We’ll be going back!

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