Should you travel with your dog? An honest account…


Deciding to travel with your dog is a big decision – it's not all puppies and rainbows.

Our Peanut was just 1 year old when we scooped him out of the Spanish campo and took him on the road full time. Going from the sleepy hills of Malaga to the busy streets of Lisbon was a shock for him, and his behaviour was a shock for us.

It was like having a new pup all over again. Behaviour training, lots of socialisation with other dogs and a polite ‘no' to people who wanted to give him some love – he just wasn't ready.

Looking back, this period seemed to last forever, but in reality, within 3 months he'd adapted really well. We move now and he barely raises an oversized ear.

So, if you're thinking of travelling with a pet, this is what we'd recommend:

  1. Honestly assess their behaviour – any issues will get bigger if you take away the familiarity of home.
  2. Stick to a routine. Walks at the same time. Dinner at the same time. Same bed/blankets. Those little constants will make a huge difference.
  3. Keep socialising. Find a dog park, a local walking club, or a walking tour. Not only will your pooch thank you for the company, you may find some friends of your own.
  4. Do your research. Know local rules around muzzles, vaccinations, off lead walks, beaches and transport. The variations from city to city and season to season can be huge.
  5. Be conscious of climate. How will your dog cope with hotter weather, snow or frequent storms? Have you got the gear you need (ice jackets, thunder wraps, coats and shoes) to help get them through?
  6. Enjoy every moment – because once you get it right, travelling with your four legged bestie is 🧡

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