Ep 70: A roadmap for living and working abroad

Transcription Please note, that this transcription is automatically created, so it may not be perfect! AlHello and welcome to a Sideways Life podcast. This is episode 70. I’m out. LeanneI’m Leanne. AlAnd hello. Welcome back. Well, I suppose we say welcome back to Us, haven’t we? LeanneWelcome back, Al. AlWelcome back. Leanne. Even though I’ve … Read more


EP31: Christmas markets and winter in Europe

In this episode we talk about: – Top European cities for winter getaways – Our favourite Christmas markets in Europe (including one that you may not have heard of) – Current COVID travel restrictions to those markets (check before you book tho!) If you do end up going somewhere we recommend, tag us into your … Read more


Ep28: How much does it REALLY cost to live abroad? We get really honest…

We’re gonna be really honest on this episode and explain exactly what it costs to live abroad. We talk about: Cost of rent & bills How to find cheaper long-term accommodation The cost of driving a UK car abroad What we do about healthcare Let’s get cracking! Resources mentioned: for emergency medical insurance Cigna … Read more