Living and working abroad


Ep83: WTF is Flag Theory (and how can it save you LOTS of money)..?

Paying tax as a nomad/ex-pat..? Some of the most often asked questions we get are around tax and travelling. Today we have one of the world’s experts on money talking about: Flag theory – what it is, how it works and how it can help you save huge amounts on tax Travelling full-time vs nomad … Read more


Ep79: Everything we know about the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa so far

If you’ve ever wanted to live and work in Spain before, then you’ll know it’s tough if you’re non-EU. However, Spain seems to be following in the footsteps of Portugal, Greece & Croatia and introducing a Digital Nomad visa to allow anyone who is a ‘third country’ native to live & work in Spain. In … Read more


Ep74: Living & working abroad in Split, Croatia – Everything we know so far

In this episode, we talk about the last 7 weeks where we’ve been living and working in Split, Croatia. We talk about the areas we liked (and those we didn’t), the general cost of things (including rent), and Lea brings back the Factoids segment with some facts about Split. NOTE: This is following our new … Read more