Living in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It really is as beautiful as it looks. We first visited this small Balkan country back in 2018 and it stole our hearts – beautiful nature, buzzing cities, great food and lovely people, this place has it all. Wherever we go, Al and I enjoy getting to the heart of a … Read more

Kamenjak National Park, Premantura.

Kamenjak National Park, Premantura. As parks go, this is a pretty good one! First off, it’s HUGE. We spent about three hours walking around this peninsular and I’m not sure we saw half of it. Second, there are so many beautiful beaches and coves for a swim. The sea is as you’d imagine it is … Read more


Ep23: How to drive round Europe in a camper van (full episode!) with the amazing Andrew Bosomworth

Meet Andrew, a Yorkshire lad who just couldn’t get on board with the life that everyone told him he had to have. So, he jacked it all in, sold his house, bought a van and has turned it into a luxury mini home-on-wheels (think memory foam mattress, oven and both indoor and outdoor shower!) Join … Read more


Ep22: Meet the man who books holidays for the celebrities – Dan Salmon from

Who spends £250k on a holiday? Some of Dan Salmon’s clients do! Join us today as we chat Dan about: What it’s like to be WhatsApping people like Callum Best & Wayne Linekar What it’s like running a travel business during the pandemic Where are the top 3 places to visit (when things open up … Read more